It’s always fantastic to receive feedback on our products. We spend a lot of time on Research & Development to ensure consistency and a great tasting product.
We only procure the best ingredients. Our spices are pure. We don’t add bulking agents i.e. ‘water’ it down. Why? Because ultimately it reflects in the quality and taste of our products.
Your positive response makes our effort all the more worthwhile. Just taking the time out to drop us an e-mail speaks volumes. We do respond to each and every comment we receive. Positive criticism is most welcomed. To implement certain changes based on customer feedback may take a long time, some not as long. We received negative comments on the caps, it took some time but we developed our own. We are always considering new and innovative ways to keep our products and labels ‘clean’. It’s important to us because you are important to us. Thank you and keep the comments coming in.


feedback-1 I was recently in Ballitto on holiday, and I purchased a bottle of your Mozambican Hot Peri Peri Sauce. It is one of the best sauces I’ve ever had the privilege of trying… Carlos Raposo

To say that I love the Lava sauce would be an understatement, as I use it exclusively now. Please keep on setting us on fire ( in the nicest possible way, off course.)… Prem

We were introduced to the Minnies product range while on holiday in Durban during December 2013. We bought a Prego as well as French Salad Dressing for our braai, and truly enjoyed both… Marishia Beer

I recently bought your Mozambique Mild Peri Peri Sauce in Ballito, and my family loved it so much that we brought it back with us, and now it is finished! I can’t seem to find it anywhere in Gauteng. .. Sandra Mason

Any chance you could make bigger bottles?! I go through a bottle of Minnie’s Prego Sauce ever few days… Nicky

I just had to email you and tell you that your sauces are the BEST !!! I am a hot sauce addict and I’ve had many sauces from all over the world that were bought by friends on overseas trips, but your sauce tops them all !!! Thank you !!!!! “Hell hath no fury ” … Riaan Botha

My name is Sadhana Balgobind and I live in Newcastle. I just want to let you know how delicious your lava sauce is. I only eat hot sauces and this is perfect for me.I just love the tangy taste and eat with everything including curries and toasted sandwiches!

Is it possible to order some of your Lava Sauce to Germany? I bought this sauce last year during my holidays in South Africa and now it’s nearly gone and I need more. Greets from Germany…Lisa Fischer

I’m based in Jhb and luv your Prego sauce. Where can one purchase it around here?…Yolandi Cronje

We enjoyed your hot tikka sauce when we were in South Africa last month. We would like to order some if we could. Can you ship to a home residence in the United States?… Anne Obrecht

Hello where can I find a Prego Sauce here in Bloemfontein plz, it’s so nice….Maseboka Khabisi

Hi Guys. Hope you can help. I need to get my hands on some more Mozambican Hot Peri Peri Sauce….Hugh Muller

Congratulations on a great product, my kids have moved over from XXXXXX sauce….Vineshree Pillay

feedback-3 The product was an absolute delight… B. Naidoo

I like the Prego Sauce, Portuguese Sauce and the Lemon and Herb… Haley SmithI have tried your sauces and they are wonderful…JeroneI simply love your Lava Hott Sauce… DevanishaYour products are really world class… S. Mahomed

I love the Minnies Tomato Sauce, I enjoy having the sauce with chips. Keep up the good work…F.C. Sewpersad

I recently visited family in KZN and had some Minnie’s Peri Peri sauce. I really wish your products were available in Cape Town. THEY ARE EXCELLENT!!!!!…Jody Harris

Hi I just wana say ur product taste good Hot Peri Peri sauce it bless me I wsh all tha best. Minnies products I wl stick on it now...  SV Ngidi


I would like to know how I would be able to get your sauces in Cape Town, we lived in Durban for a while and fell in love with your sauces…Beau Prinsloo

I love hot sauces but I also love full flavours and yours had both…B. Goldin.

…all I can vividly remember from those days is the magic taste of Minnies Sauces… Peter White

Hi my name is German and I am from Windhoek Namibia. I came across your products here and i literally fell in love with them. Most particularly Lemon and Herb, Portuguese Flame Grill and Prego Sauces. 

Just a short note to say thanks for a wonderful product. I recently bought a bottle of your Minnies (Mozambican) Garlic and Lemon Piri Piri sauce, it is superb. Even the kids love it. I lather it onto everything it is so good. I even wanted to put it on my Post Toasties but my sister said no. Am leaving as soon as I send this mail to go and purchase a few more bottles. I know people only write to complain about a product but they never write to compliment on a good product or service, so here is one of praise.

Many thanks
Kerry Ross

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